Why do I need a website?

For the same reason you mail out postcards, do shows, art fairs, and place your work in galleries: to make yourself known and to sell work. Think about how many "be-backs" visit your booth… and never make it back to your booth… or call the studio when you are away… with your own website, they can go online and buy what they’ve been thinking about for a week, without you having to be there! Even the largest art fairs only attract 500,000 people or so… the Internet has MILLIONS of people online daily… many of whom are looking for what YOU have to offer.

Aren’t all the dot-coms dying?

Not even close. Of course, bad news IS news, so that’s all you hear about. We’ve spent YEARS researching this… and we know that over 17 MILLION collectors used the Internet to learn more about their specific interests last year… And that number is sure to continue growing! We think we understand WHY those other companies are failing, and have built our company to avoid their issues.

I don’t have Internet access… can you still help me?

Yes. While we don’t provide dial-up service, we can arrange to communicate with you via phone or fax. We can even convert your incoming email into phone or fax messages, whichever you prefer.

I already have my own website…

Great! Is it E-commerce enabled? If not, we can add e-commerce to it without changing the look (except for the Buy buttons). If you are already commerce-enabled, we’d be happy to talk with you about switching, because of all the extras we offer. But if not, contact us about listing your site in the Portal’s Search Index, including you in what will be the premier online community for contemporary decorative art and fine craft.

There are a lot of other companies contacting me to put my work online… what makes you different?

Thought you’d never ask! First, few of those other companies are offering you your OWN website. We don’t just include your work online at FCN, (although that’s part of it), you get your OWN site to direct your customers to. Second, most of those other sites are just online stores. We are building a portal, which by definition will attract more visitors! In fact, many of those other sites are signing up to be listed in our Search Index! We could go on and on... but re-read the Features & Benefits page for a full listing of what makes the right choice!

Sounds pretty good… how do I get started?

Just click WebServices, or email us to request an application by mail. One of our representatives will contact you to get the ball rolling. To save time, have a Bio, CV/Resume, and your images ready to go. You’ll also need to contact Network Solutions to register a domain name… or we can do it for you for an added fee.