It’s about Community

There has never been one single, unified place where artists, collectors, galleries, and other fans of the decorative arts and fine craft could congregate to discover, learn, communicate and enjoy their common interests.
FunctionArt.com is designed to be the definitive online gathering point for news, information, communication and discovery.

It’s about Content

As a result of this abundant, rich community, FunctionArt.com will offer visitors access to an unparalleled archive and library of stories, reviews, anecdotes, interviews… and of course, artworks… all rich in history, inspiration and creativity. A special Member’s Area will aggregate all the best in helpful industry resources: tools, supplies, insurance, shipping, and much more!

It’s about Commerce

Of course, one of the main reasons for creating a website is to reach a wider audience…and to SELL your work! FunctionArt.com, through its hosting services, enables you to do just that… in a simplified, low-hassle way – Right Now!

It’s about Convenience

Your time is best spent in the studio and at shows, not trying to master and maintain a website. Select from our pre-defined templates, and we do the work for you. You create and document the works; we handle the website maintenance. Sell a piece, online OR off? We update the database for you. Create something new? We update the website for you. We also provide 24/7 customer service for the site. (Of course, if you want more control, or to design your own site… we can help you there, too. See the Features & Benefits page).

It’s about Customers

…. Both internal and external. You, as our hosted client, are an internal customer. Visitors to the site are our (collective) external customers. In either case, the staff of FunctionArt.com is trained to Take Care of the Customer! We will have field reps in your area regularly, as well as internal Customer Satisfaction Representatives, all with one mission: seamless, reliable, hassle-free transactions – meeting and exceeding the expectations of both you and your clients