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In my work I try to express the dual nature of glass- the sensuality and fluidity of hot glass and the cold, hardand dangerous connotation of flat glass. In my latest work I use stainless steel for table frames in the same way; the cold, sterile connotation of the stainless is contrasted with the energetic patterning on the surface.

 The signature of my furniture has always been the broken edge on some part of the flat glass. This tends to be the ultimate in contradictions for me. People are drawn to touch the edge because of the intense energy produced by the  refraction of light on the broken edge, even though they know in the back of their minds that the sharp edge could easily  slice their fingers. I sand and polish the edge for just this reason. It is the same attraction we have to fire, seductive yet dangerous. 

The final emphasis of my work is the idea that we should look for the beauty and function of things that at first glance  might appear to be broken or imperfect. This to me is a metaphor for being human. Our imperfection and unpredictability is what makes us interesting.