FineCraftNetwork.com is the new portal dedicated to the world of decorative arts and fine craft online.Much like Yahoo, we offer our users Search, Email, message boards, chat, and other similar services. For our Members, we offer all of the above, PLUS full-service E-commerce webhosting, 24-hr customer care, site marketing and promotion services, and much more!

Unlike Yahoo, FineCraftNetwork.com is devoted specifically to what matters to us: the functional and decorative arts and fine craft markets. Because of our tight focus, you can be sure that the people that come to your website via the FineCraftNetwork.com portal are looking for what you are offering… and they are looking to buy!



Because we at FineCraftNetwork.com, like so many others, (artists and public alike) have been frustrated by the lack of proper attention to, and often-improper classifications of, our media.

Because we think that what you offer is some of the coolest stuff on the planet, and more people should know about it!

Because we believe in the incredible potential of the Internet… the trends, the growth, it’s eventual integration into our lives. We want you to be a part of that… and be successful doing it!



FineCraftNetwork.com is currently active, and operating as a test and development vehicle for the full portal version, which we expect to launch in mid to late Spring. While we encourage you to visit the site, be aware that a more accurate picture of its future is included in this packet.

However, you needn’t wait on the Portal to take advantage of our Hosting Services! We are signing accounts now, expecting to go "live" with those websites in March. Will you be one of them?



While FinecraftNetwork.com currently occupies its own slice of cyberspace, its people are currently headquartered in Pontiac MI. As we continue to grow, there will be local Field Representatives who will help keep our offerings the very best and most extensive possible…on the cutting edge… including services like Virtual Studio Tours, chat, and more!