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July 22,

Kim KelzerJill DavisChris PoehlmannAlex PorbeEd PennebakerChris BowmanJill Davis

"The Eclectic Electric"

September 5 – October 4, 2003:
[Reception 9/5, 6-9pm]

This critically-acclaimed series simultaneously marks its return to our schedule, and its debut in Chicago. This is an invitational exhibition, featuring works in all media, with the common requirements of function (implicit or implied) and the use of electricity. While one might rightly expect a variety of lamps and clocks, there are always a few surprises in store!

More the coexistence of form with function than form following function, this exhibition expands the boundaries of lighting design, in the material sense as well as the conceptual. Found (previously discarded) objects are exalted, while precious materials are humbled by their proximity... Delicate porcelain, cold steel, textured wood, sumptuous glass and vibrant paint... all have their place in this exhibition. A study in contrasts (i.e., trash meets glass), The Eclectic Electric is also about convergence; the blending of art & science, of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Twenty or more such works by artisans from across the US will be featured;
we preview three artists, below.

Ed Pennebaker’s blown-glass chandeliers are contemporary re-interpretations of classical Venetian works. Working with a palette of one opaque and 14 transparent colors, Pennebaker creates his fixtures from as few as 40 to as many as several hundred individual elements. The resulting lighted sculptures can be vibrant and bold, like a circus, or understated and classic, suggesting a dark-paneled library. Either way, the spikes, curlies, and melons are sure to add a touch of drama to any room.

Ed Pennebaker

Warren Mueller

On the other end of the spectrum are the found-object works by Warren Muller. A living example of "One man’s trash is another’s treasure", Muller’s assemblages have humble beginnings. Sorting through bin after bin of salvage, this self-titled "Luminary" painstakingly arranges bits into lighted sculpture... or rather, sculptures that light up.

Somewhere centered in this wide range of luminous experience are the works of Kirby Jones: totally unexpected, yet somehow vaguely familiar forms; suggestive of nature, yet obviously crafted by man. Perched upon a precisely finished wooden base, with its linear bed of reeds, the luminous, delicate porcelain forms suggest blocks of stone... worn by time... or tools?

Kirby Jones

Confirmed artists include: Kim Kelzer (WA), Kirby Jones (CA), Warren Muller (PA), Jill Davis (RI), Alex Porbe (MI), Ed Pennebaker (AR),Christopher Poehlmann (FL), Ellen Sall (PA), Thomas Wargin (WI), Garry Knox Bennett (CA), Ismael Gonzalez (CA), Alex Roskin (NY), Sanjolee (IL), Brent Skidmore (NC), Chris Bowman (IN)

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