Listen to the pulse of life, feel its rhythm, appreciate its wonders. There are syncopations in the order we all try to achieve and it is these deviations in the fabric of life that make it so vibrant and beautiful. It is amazing what can be heard coming from the background of the noise of our lives, but so often in the chaos of our hectic days we forget to look for it, to acknowledge it, to reach out and embrace it. There are echoes and reverberations bouncing off the walls of routine, pointing out the need to look beyond and walk into the mystery. Connections that we take for granted (if we take notice at all) can be found, and within the contrasting dualities commonly attributed to all manner of things an intertwined core is revealed.
My recent work is about reflection – tools with which to find and enjoy the magical simplicity of what's around you. In its foundations it is about and in reverence to nature – asking the viewer/user to embrace that which is around us and take a moment to think about it and that which is essential and important in our worlds. It is an opportunity to reflect, to appreciate life, and to connect with the energy that ties and binds all things.

My work is personal and I feel an intrinsic link to it, seeing it not as a result of my ideas but as an extension of myself, as I do not believe in a separation between artist and art. It is spiritually charged and based on ideas that are spiritually important to me, yet I also strive to make my work universally approachable.

Simple and deliberately suggestive, my furniture's stylized naturalism is meant to connect the mind of humaity with the power of nature and offer a space in which this can be realized.

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