Ed Moulthrop

William Hunter

Defining Craft I: Collecting for the New Millennium
(Davenport Museum of Art)

Turning Southern Style VIII -
Sept. 13 - 15, 2002

Challenge VI- Roots: Insights & Inspirations
in Contemporary Turned Objects

Oct. 25-27

The 17th Annual National AAW Symposium

June 27-29, 2003


Detroit Institute of Arts
Mint Museum of Craft and Design


Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild




Philip Moulthrop
My wood turning is a way to reveal the beauty and texture which is found in the wood. Icreate pieces using simple shapes and forms which will best display the colors and patterns which are inherent in the wood

Robyn Horn
The turned wood sculptures I make resemble geodes which are hollow stones full of quartz crystals

Mark Sfirri
My pieces, sometimes turned on several different axes has allowed me to explore form in a spontaneous, mathematical, creative way

Mike Hosaluk
Internationally recognized as one of the worlds most creative “turners” which is demonstrated by the great demand for his teaching skills and for his work to be included in exhibitions

Jack Slentz
Modern, organic sculpture using rare and beautiful woods...featured in the Smithsonians's Modern Art Exhibits


Christian Burchard
My work enables me to connect with people in unexpected ways. In this technological age, I find that people are responding to objects that are gentle, and that carry a human touch and sensitivity.

Kerry Vesper
My designs reflect a process of uncovering the form that lies deep within the wood and then coaxing it to emerge into a beautiful creation

Michael Bauermeister
I have chosen the wood vessel for my sculptural ideas because I find it to be a comfortable place... From here I can explore the issues of form and texture, scale and color, all in the natural beauty of wood

Jack & Linda Fifield
Working on a lathe, weI turn wooden vessels to be covered with precise, intricate stitches incorporating miniscule glass beads. The completed works are visually rich, enticingly tactile and a pleasure to contemplate.


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Wood Turning In North America Since 1930 [Minneapolis Institute of Arts]
Following WWII, interest in pure design and the influences of Scandinavia inspired the likes of Bob Stocksdale and Philip Moulthrop. Their successors have been pushing the limits of the medium ever since. The more experimental and challenging ...


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