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Lino Tagliapietra

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William Morris: Elegy
January 17- April 23
American Craft Museum/Museum of Arts and Design


June 2-6, 2004


Corning Museum of Glass

Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA)

The Museum of American Glass (Wheaton Village, NJ)


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Habatat Galleries (MI, IL)
Habatat Galleries (MA, FL)
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Marx-Saunders Gallery (IL)
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Michael Bokrosh
The sculptures that emerge out of my creative process reflect different aspects of my Soul. Each piece has its own history, its own past, present and future Mythology

Toland Sand
Glass is for me the perfect medium because it has it all: dimension, clarity, color, opacity, reflectivity, and environmental presence

Jon Kuhn
Mysticism and spirituality have been long been the inspiration for his work. Kuhn studies Zen Buddhism and philosophical texts... my sculpture could be seen as an architectural model ofa vision for a better world, a more perfect world.

Christopher Ries
The art ... is deceptively simple in form but complex in expression as it engages each viewer in an ever changing intimate world of images.

Lehmann Glass Studio
(ed. note: decent, not ground-breaking sculpture here... but a nice area devoted to definitions. the process, etc.)


Jill H. Davis
I am constantly asked, “Is this furniture, or sculpture?” My answer is, “Both.” My work draws from historical decorative arts, modern design, and my love for the remarkable optic and tactile qualities inherent to glass.

Chris Hawthorne
The forms I have chosen to work with are used primarily as a supportfor brilliantly colored abstract paintings. These paintings are accomplished by combining a variety of glass elements, including color shards, cane, murrini, and frit...

Jeremy Cline
Jeremy's personal work examines the vessel as an art form, taking cues from the glass itself, as well as from antiquity and contemporary sources.

John Miller
concentrates on blown glass with several diverse bodies of work. The first series pays homage to Claes Oldenburg,

their work entails tight form and line tension, interior and exterior curves pulling against each other for visual dominance, and vibrant colors that play off each other.... These forms are reminiscent of the familiar, yet not contrived.

Caleb Nichols
inspired by the moods and vastness of the ocean, he has lately been pushing his concepts a step further. "It's interesting," he explains "the wilder and more colorful I make these pieces, the more they invoke a sense of calm.


Bandhu Dunham
Innocence, vulnerability and the luminosity of nature are recurring themes in my work. By incorporating odd juxtapositions and bending forms to follow my own quirky sensibility...

Shane Fero
Drawing upon his interests in alchemy, philosophy, and Ancient History, and Surrealism, Fero creates works that are thought-provoking and evocative

Paul Stankard
Paul Stankard has established the standard by which we judge contemporary paperweight art. His creativity in producing the lamp worked elements goes far beyond simply evoking nature realistically

Robert Mickelson
Phantasmagorical, organic, surreal... objects, creatures (?) and moments caught in glass...

Lucio Bubacco
Lucio Bubacco’s world is an extension of the Venetian carnevale, where masked men, dancing women, devils, cupids, and satyrs cavort. His figures are like puppets in a play about the forces of good and evil.

Milon Townsend
Figurative sculpture, masks, and paperweights

KILN-CAST (& Pate-de-verre)

Ellen & Marc Leva
...small sculptures are celebrations of, or offerings to, the small beauties of nature. The classic bowl forms imbue the pieces with a sense of history...

CAST (Hot)

Latchezar Boyadjiev
The main focus of my work is to create dynamic shapes supported by sensual lines ...and combined with light it will have a powerful impact on the viewer.

Paul Nelson
Working with the human form allows me an outlet through which I explore the nature of existence. I am particularly interested in our suffering and, in turn, our need for healing

Joel D'Oriso
Emerging artist with nice cast forms

(Furniture - Vessels - Goblets - Lighting )

Jill H. Davis
I am constantly asked to categorize my work. People ask, “Is this furniture, or sculpture?” My answer is, “Both.” My work draws from historical decorative arts, modern design, and my love for the optic and tactile qualities inherent to glass.

Suzanne Gutman
What is essential, is invisible to the eye…
I design blown glass art vessels, sinks, chandeliers and lighted hanging art pieces. My inspiration comes from the beauty of simple, classic forms, and the fluidity within nature...

Ed Pennebaker/ Red Fern Glass
Fantastic, vibrant, colorful chandliers and pendant lamps in the Venetian tradition...
new site showcasing works by several outstadning artists!

(Vessels - Goblets - Lighting  Neon)

Ring of Fire Hot Glass

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Contemporary Lampworking : 
A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame
- by Bandhu Scott Dunham

A Glass Blowers Companion :
A Compilation of Studio Equipment Designs, Essays, and Glass Blowing Ideas
by Dudley F. Giberson

Glass Notes : 
A Reference for the Glass Artist 
by Henry Halem (Illustrator)

More Glass Books

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Brookfield Craft Center (CT)
Creative Glass Center of America (NJ)

Michigan Hot Glass (MI)
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Chicago Hot Glass (IL)
Cleveland Institute of Art (OH)

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Bullseye Glass (OR)
Bay Area Glass Institute (CA)
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Glass Workshop (Canberra, Australia)
Craft Studio at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, ON)

Chihuly in the news...

Splendor in the Glass (from
by Kay Harwell Fernandez
Sheldon and Myrna Palley fell in love with studio art glass in the early ’70s and nothing in their lives or their Miami home has ever been quite the same... More

Paul Stankard: Homage to Nature A Thirty Year Retrospective
Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, USA United States of America
The Fuller Museum of Art is proud to present Paul Stankard: Homage to Nature - A Thirty Year Retrospective.... Stankard became a full-time paperweight maker. He combines unparalleled technical skill with a broad knowledge of the natural world, flora and insects.

One on One — Breaking Loose
Interview with David Reekie
Though urban problems and their resulting human impact are central to his work, Reekie, one of Britain’s premier glass sculptors, forgoes his native London to reside in a small town two hours to the north...

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