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Peter Voulkos

Jun Kaneko

Ceramics - New Perspectives:
Spotlighting Works by Robert Pulley,Jay Dougan, and Sharon Bladholm
Function + Art
Jan. 10 - Feb. 3

New York: May28 -June 1 '03

Twenty-second Anniversary

May 9-11, 2003


July 4-6, 2003


Pewabic Pottery

Detroit Institute of Arts

White House Collection
NC Pottery Center
Mint Museum -Chasanoff Collection
Daum Museum of Contemporary Art (MO)

Gardiner Museum - Toronto

Organizations & Clubs
The American Ceramic Society
Archie Bray Foundation

East Coast


West Coast

Orchard Valley (OR) Ceramic Arts Guild

Colorado Potters Guild






Chris Simoncelli
Aesthetically, my repertoire of forms is influenced by the directness of contemporary design and the presence and strength of Minoan, Greek, and Chinese pottery.

Judith Anderson
Nice teapots, vessels and more - with or with the Dragonfly motif

Wayne Bates
Brightly-colored geometric patterns give new life to traditional forms.

Dina Angelwing
Three distinct series: Classic, Whimsical, and Geometric

Joe Klingler
These are some of the miniature teapots I am currently focusing my efforts on. All the pieces are thrown on a potters wheel, trimmed, carved and decorated by hand...


Ken Price
...Defined by actoplasmic bulges, curves, swells and slurps, they simultaneously evoke Flubber, Henry Moore....

Rudy Autio
Rudy Autio is one of the most masterful and influential artists working with clay in the United States today

Christine Federighi
"The clay figure form has been constant to my work for ten years. It has served as a vehicle for carving and layering painted narrative patterns

Michael Sherrill
A studio potter living in North Carolina, Sherrill is known for his highly stylized and exaggerated teapots, vases, and bottles in brilliant colors.

Robert Pulley
Human scale, powerful organic abstractions that combine references to geologic and biologic forms with hints of the human figure. The sculptures exhibit strength of form and richness of surface and can be installed indoors or in garden settings

Zibigniew Chojnacki
Large-scale human figures... *collected into the Renwick in 2001

Jay Dougan
The industrial object is one interest that influences my current work. Particularly the types that have been abandoned and left to deteriorate yet now as discards have little outward value. This type of industrial object is the inspiration for the aesthetic I am working with...


Stephen Merritt
My own introduction to clay came many years ago in the form of a small Phoenician jar ...

James Spiroff
I try to emulate the natural patterns of expansion and growth into my work by pushing the boundaries of form and surface...

Bennett Bean
The fascinating thing about the recent work of Bennett Bean is how securely it manages to reconcile so many seeming opposites...

Patrick Dragon
The graceful, elegant bowl forms... The motifs, lines, and color relationships are based on the random patterns found in my environment... I am inspired by the patterns I sense on the surface of the earth; the rocks, water, sky and trees


Christopher Gryder
Sculptural cast tiles for home or corporate environments.

Kathy Triplett
Ceramic elements - strong individually, arranged in powerful installations. [BOOKS by Kathy Triplett]

Decorative / Accessories

RS Ceramics
I am interested in using clay as a way of capturing time, recording everyday events, and shaping a personal history

Erik Bright Ceramics

My work as an artist has always made reference to both my childhood in Southern and Western Africa and that of my Norwegian heritage.

Robert Carlson

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Rudy Autio
By: Louana M. Lackey, Ph.D.
With a Foreword by Peter Voulkos

More Ceramics Books

 East Coast
Alfred University -NY
Clay Art Center - NY

Pewabic Pottery - Detroit
Lill Street Art Center - Chicago

West Coast


Picasso: 25 Years of Edition Ceramics
February 1 – April 13, 2003
Fort Wayne Museum of Art
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is known for his innovative paintings that heralded surrealism and cubism and the course of 20th century art. He also worked in sculpture, printmaking and ceramics. This exhibition features a selection of the ceramics created by Picasso in collaboration with George and Suzanne Ramie and artisans at their Madoura pottery workshop in Vallauris, France. Included are 65 ceramic works from 1947-1971 – plates, bowls, pitchers, vases, and plaques. Lithographs and etchings by Picasso complement the ceramics. More...

Jun Kaneko: Retrospective
Feb. 8 - May 18, 2003

Daum Museum of Contemporary Art
This will be the largest major showing of his work to be presented to the Midwest. Dedicating all seven galleries to Kaneko’s pieces, the Daum Museum is to become one of the top exhibitors of this ceramic-based artist in the country. Kaneko will incorporate the medium of ceramics, painting, and cast glass in order to demonstrate his well-rounded nature as an artist. More...

Ceramics - Two Perspectives: Works by Robert Pulley and Jay Dougan
Now - Feb 3 at Function + Art (Chicago IL)
The human scale ceramic sculptures by Robert Pulley, are powerful organic abstractions that combine references to geologic and biologic forms with hints of the human figure. The sculptures exhibit strength of form and richness of surface and can be installed indoors or in garden settings.

The 2003 Elizabeth R. Raphael Founder's Prize Award and Exhibition ‹ Ceramics
This is a juried competition (jurors include Jimmy Clark and Thomas Piche, Jr.) open to all artists working in ceramics. Emerging artists are especially encouraged to apply. In addition to being featured in the exhibition (November 14, 2003 to March 20, 2004), the winner receives a $5000 cash award, and a video will be made of the artist and her/his work. SCC also reserves the right to purchase the Raphael Founder¹s Prize winning entry. The deadline for entries is May 2, 2003. For more information and printable pdf entry form please click here

2nd East and West Clay Works Exhibition - New York
Viridian Artists, New York, NY USA (from
Viridian Artists is pleased to present an exhibit of clay works by Korean and American artists entitled 2nd East & West Clay Works Exhibition- New York. The artists first met in 1999 when they exhibited together in New York. They are associated with the art departments of five outstanding universities, Seoul National University of Technology, Yeung Nam University, Long Island University, Montclair State University and Pratt Institute. The participants are mentors or former students of these mentors and because of these prior connections, the exhibitors share special bonds. More

by Jane Friedman / AmericanStyle Magazine
On delicate porcelain, Sergei Isupov lays bare an even more delicate world of human frailties and anguish. Read the entire article



The exhibition Ceramic Modernism: Hans Coper, Lucie Rie, and Their Legacy recently opened at the Gardiner Museum Toronto, Canada... More...

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