Artist Statement
I cannot remember a time when I did not make things by hand. This was valued and practiced by my family. When I first discovered clay over 30 years ago, my first impulse was to make vessels that could be useful for serving food or holding flowers, but I immediately became deeply intrigued by the possibilities for creative expression that clay offers and by the complex processes and technologies that must be mastered in order to execute the ideas that come to mind.
It is the nature of my consciousness to notice form first about anything whether it be a landscape, a face or a building. Form is the element of my work that I have long recognized as the strongest part. My choice of a white matt or clear glaze allows the form to be the dominant element without the distraction of color. About ten years ago I began to use subtle all over patterning on my pieces. At close range, the patterning provides interest and a sense of visual texture while still allowing the dominance of the form.


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