" The forms I have chosen to work with are used primarily as a supportfor brilliantly colored abstract paintings. These paintings are accomplished by combining a variety of glass elements, including color shards, cane, murrini, and frit, all of which are made ahead of time. The designs are arranged and preheated on a hot plate. The main body colors are usually transparent, applied in layers, sometimes adding opaque white between interior and exterior colors, followed by several gathers of clear glass. When the final layer of glass is gathered, the piece is rolled over gold and silver leaf, followed by the preheated design. After working the design into the surface by reheating and shaping, the piece is blown out. On some pieces solid glass elements are added at this point to enhance optical effects and form. Final shaping is done and the piece is placed in the annealer to cool.

"I began working with flat glass in my spare time while commercial fishing off the Oregon Coast in the mid 70's. I met Dale Chihuly through a mutual friend in 1978 and was encouraged to try a summer session at The Pilchuck Glass School. I enrolled in the flat glass workshop led by Patrick Reyntiens in that same year. It was during this session that I became drawn to hot glass. I enrolled in the hot glass program the following year and studied under Joel Meyers and Dan Dailey. I was determined to pursue hot glass, but in the meantime continued commercial fishing.

Returning to Pilchuck in 1984, I studied under Fritz Driesbach and Marvin Lipofsky. In 1985 I built the shop that I continue to work from.

I have had the opportunity to study under Lino Tagliapietra, Loredano Rosin and Lucio Bubbaco, masters of Murano, Italy. I have also been strongly influenced by Pino Signoretto in his attitude and approach to the material. Pino is a master glass blower, but of more importance, a pioneer in solid hot glass sculpture. Other artists that have had a strong influence on my work are Dale Chihuly, as he introduced me to hot glass, and William Morris, through his painterly approach to surface design and masterly control of form. My experience from watching these talented people work has led me to believe that any idea can be expressed in glass".

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